Academic Recognition for Mobility Activities

Academic recognition process for mobility activities of Erasmus students is automatically started once the students is returned and submitted his/her final documents. 
The student who returned after completing his/her Erasmus period abroad submits to the International Relations Office the Transcript of Records issued by the host university. A copy of this transcript is sent to the relevant departmental Erasmus coordinator of the relevant faculty/school. The Draft Pre-recognition Form, which was filled in before mobility and which shows the course units planned to be taken at the host institution (as in the learning agreement) and the course units of the home University to be recognized, is also sent along with the transcript.  
The departmental Erasmus coordinator prepares the Academic Recognition Form for Erasmus Students based on the Draft Pre-recognition Form and the Transcript of Records given by the host University. The document is then sent to the International Relations Office by the departmental coordinator. Institutional Erasmus Coordinator checks and signs the form and sends the copy to the student affairs office of the relevant faculty/school.
Based on this form, student’s recognition is discussed and decided in the first Faculty Academic Committee meeting to be held. The final decision is then sent by the relevant faculty/school via formal letter to the central Student Affairs Office where the student’s academic standing (credits gained and grades received) for the exchange semester is entered in the student automation system.
All original documents are kept by the International Relations Office in the individual files of the student.